Not so popular amongst fast cash loans but gone.
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2/20/2013 11:36:30 PM
.NET Framework for Windows Phone 8
Not so popular amongst fast cash loans but gone.
Microsoft brings the full power of the Windows based CLR and .NET Framework to the Windows Phone in this release. Some of the key features are as follows:
  • Major updates to the .NET Framework runtime and code generation process that have resulted in startup time improvements as high as 50%.
  • Support for the new async programming model from .NET Framework 4.5 
  • World-class garbage collector in the CoreCLR for better app responsiveness.
  • Updated the Windows Phone OS and app platform to take advantage of multicore processing 
  • Improved battery life
  • Support Multicore devices,OS and the apps will be faster because of that technology.
  • Both Windows Phone 8 and CoreCLR take advantage of multiple cores and use modern software technologies and patterns.
  • New approach to code generation removes a whole category of battery use for Windows Phone apps.
Not so popular amongst fast cash loans but gone.

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