Monitor process start and end using Powershell
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Posted by: Chandra Hundigam, on 2/24/2013, in category "Windows PowerShell"
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Abstract: Simple steps to monitor process using Powershell WMI CmdLets

Using WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)  Event monitoring and event subscription you can monitor process.

We will be using following Register-WMIEvent Cmdlet parameters in our example script.
  • -query. This is a standard WMI event query.
  • -messageData. Any time a subscribed-to event occurs, PowerShell records information about that event.
  • -sourceIdentifier. The Source Identifier is nothing more than the name we want to give our event subscription. 
Following sample script below monitors notepad.exe application.

Step 1: Register Event

Register-WMIEvent -query “SELECT * FROM Win32_ProcessStartTrace WHERE ProcessName=’notepad.exe’” -SourceIdentifier “MonitorNotePad” -action 
$evt = $Event.SourceEventArgs.NewEvent
Write-Host $evt.ProcessName, "Notepad Started"


Step 2: Unregister Event

Unregister-Event MonitorNotePad

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