Archived Polls

Here is the complete list of archived polls run in the past. Click on the poll's question to see its results.

Which is the best wearable operating system ? (archived on 7/14/2015)
Do you support opensource browser in the Enterprise? (archived on 11/18/2014)
What advantage using cloud computing ? (archived on 9/13/2012)
Which touch-screen tablets do you prefer to use ? (archived on 5/29/2011)
What rich Internet application framework you prefer to use ? (archived on 12/25/2010)
Which web browser you prefer to use? (archived on 9/11/2010)
Will you buy one or upgrade your cell with IPhone 4 ? (archived on 9/11/2010)
Are you familiar with current cloud computing technology ? (archived on 6/1/2010)
What query programming is most preferred in .Net ? (archived on 4/9/2010)
Which ebook reader is best in the market ? (archived on 2/22/2010)
Which programming are you using that pays more ? (archived on 1/28/2010)
Which is most used Web Server? (archived on 1/2/2010)
Which brand of portable media players do you like to listen to your music ? (archived on 11/26/2009)
Which is best usability phone in the market ? (archived on 11/1/2009)
Which is the best Gaming console in the market? (archived on 11/1/2009)
Which is the most used .net programming languages ? (archived on 8/7/2009)
Which is the best format to view or read documents ? (archived on 7/14/2009)

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