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5/7/2016 1:11:46 AM
Containers Vs. Virtual Machines

Docker Containers success made many Cloud companies to rethink on Cloud offering who were relying on Virtual machine technology.

Both Containers and Virtual Machines technologies are considered complementary and each provide set of different benefits.

VM's prove to more beneficial when choosing unique operating system and applications deployments with different underlying hardware profiles to choose and required VMs are fully isolated from one another.So single point failure is less common when application are deployed in VM's model, since each virtual machine includes the application, the necessary binaries and libraries and an entire guest operating system

Where as Containers prove to be beneficial in efficient managing resources because of all application containers sharing same underlying operating System kernel for resources.Since container share same operating system kernel they are much more portable and efficient and it is fast and easy to manage than VM's. And also Containers run on any computer, on any infrastructure and in any cloud. So for Cloud providers Containers is cost effective due to single system can potentially host far more containers than VM's. The only concern is Container are prone to single point of failure if underlying OS kernel gets corrupted.

So many Cloud provider are shifting focus on providing both technologies Containers and Virtual machines in their Cloud offerings.


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