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3/11/2018 12:05:51 AM
Embracing Microservices Architecture (MSA)
Cloud computing platform pushed service based architecture to next level to decompose and decouple further business process into micro level. Before cloud platform Enterprise were exposing business application for integration using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

At abstract level there are many common characteristics between SOA and MSA architecture.Both architecture are service based and API interfaces, re-usability and expose components of business functionality. However fundamentally there purpose are different, SOA is better suited for large and complex business application environments that require integration with many heterogeneous applications. However new generation internet age companies that are into cloud business invented Microservice architecture to leverage cloud computing platform.

MSA architecture envisioned as subset of SOA implementation. A microservices architecture is an approach to building a server application as a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services and each microservice implements a specific business capability within a certain context boundary. Microservice is developed autonomously, deployed independently and each service should own its related domain data model and domain logic.

As cloud platform evolved some of the cloud application requirements led to MSA architecture. Following are Microservice benefits

  • Deployable independently 
  • Scale out independently and easily
  • Improved fault isolation
  • Loosely coupled services
  • Autonomy of development
  • Allows agile changes and rapid iteration 
  • Enables continuous integration and continuous delivery practices. 
Unlike perfect solution fallacy there is no perfect solution that fits all requirements. Microservice architecture does not fit all software design requirements. MSA do have some draw backs like deployment complexity, network latency, testing service etc.., One has to understand business benefits while considering MSA architecture.

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